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Pro Med Blue Rates Rates

AgeIndividual2 Persons3 Persons4 Persons5 Persons6 Persons
< 19 Years$73.00$118.50$142.00$163.00$184.00$205.00
19 - 30 Years$74.00$120.50$145.00$167.00$189.00$211.00
31 - 45 Years$78.00$127.50$155.00$180.00$205.00$230.00
46 - 55 Years$80$131.50$161.00$188.00$215.00$242.00
56 - 65 Years$81.00$134.50$165.00$193.00$211.00$249.00
65+ Years$82.00$136.50$169.00$199.00$229.00$259.00

APPLICATION FEE: $ 30.00 (One time Fee)

NOTE: When a Family Application is to be issued for two or more members, Rates must be applied by using the oldest person in the Family Group as the determining Age-Rate.

Example: Family of three persons were, Father is 66 Years; Mother 57 and Daughter 25. Daughter will pay the Premium. Father of 66 is the Determining-Age, therefore, the Monthly Premium will, be $169.00

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