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“Once I learned I was pregnant I became afraid of how I was going to cover all my checkups and hospital bills. My job doesn’t offer healthcare, I don’t qualify for Medicaid and I can’t afford the high premiums and higher deductibles of an insurance. Luckily with ProMedical I was able to find an affordable maternity plan and a great OB/Gyn! I’m so grateful to have found this plan.” 

- Rita Jones

“Being a generally healthy person, I found it pointless paying so much money for an insurance. ProMedical has reasonable prices and gives me the security of being able to see a doctor for my annual checkups and sick visits at a very low cost.”

- Javier Colon

“This company is great, my primary doctors visit are only $10 and I get discounts on everything. Also I received a refund check in the mail for my panel refund tests. Definitely would recommend if you do not qualify for Obama Care like me.”

- Stephanie Rodriguez

“ProMedical Plan has great customer service, they answer their phones right away unlike other companies that make it impossible to communicate with a real person, I get all the services I need at an affordable price, my wife and I are very pleased with their staff and prices.”  

- Otis Greene

“Me gusta este plan por que tiene variedad de doctores y reembolsos, las chicas son muy amables y me gusta su attencion al cliente.”   

- Roberto Suarez

“Gracias a ProMedical pude realizar mis exámenes anuales a un precio muy asequible sin tarifas ocultas. Estoy muy contento y satisfecho con este plan de salud, lo recomiendo altamente.”

- Juan Pablo Ramirez

“I came across ProMedical Plan right when I thought there would be no other options available that weren’t an expensive monthly cost. So far with ProMedical I have been able to see a cardiologist and get my necessary medications and exams done at affordable prices.”  

- Joan Ramsey